Plinth Projects

Plinth Projects was an artist-run public art program, engaging the empty plinth at the centre of Melbourne's Edinburgh Gardens with the exhibition of temporary public works.

Our goal was to curate a program of short-term exhibitions that were temporary, provocative, and engaging for both art-going audiences and the picnicking public.

The program featured ten exhibitions over a fourteen-month period, concluding at the end of April 2014.

The communications for Plinth Projects were intended to be accessible and vibrant, encouraging interaction and engagement with the work by the local community. Risograph printed public notices and other ephemera suited economical requirements while maintaining a consistent and tactile community campaign.

Plinth Projects Inc. was a not-for-profit association run by a small committee, which has included: Sam George, Carla McKee, Daniel Stephen Miller, Jeremy Pryles, Ben Ryan, Isabelle Sully.

Website: Plinth Projects