Testing Grounds

A temporary space for creative practices encompassing art, performance and design, Testing Grounds is a facility available for creative and education-related activities in Melbourne’s Arts Precinct.

Testing Grounds are interested in creating a non-monumental identity which reflects the evolving and on-going ethos of the project and the architectural grid of the site. It aims to have energetic expression to engage a public audience, but with the ability to retract into an ambient support for creative practice as required.

Our response has been to create a transposable system of elements which can be used as a kit-of-parts. Fluid grid assets can be layered to create loud compositions or subtle support for text or dialogue. Three interchangeable typefaces can be applied interchangeably at the discretion of the practitioner to suit their needs and preferences.

The responsive website formed a major focus and deliverable of the project. It acts as a front of house for the facility, promoting and archiving events, accepting EOI’s and providing information to interested practitioners. The back-end has been developed in close collaboration with Testing Grounds staff to become an integral aspect of project management including event calendars and archive, project data, acquittals, and quarterly reporting to government.

Collaboration with Hayden Daniel.