A Salvage Of Shopping Lists

Throughout my practice I have been interested in engaging with people and creating work about the communities I interact with on a daily basis.  In my final year publication for My Bachelor Degree in Visual Communication I created ‘A Salvaged of Shopping Lists’ a collection of discarded shopping lists I found working at my retail job.

In this collection I was interested in exploring the process of collecting discarded lists and making them live beyond their original purpose and reflect upon the people who they were created by. I compiled these lists in an archival manner to enhance their worthiness of inspection.  Just like an historic object or record, a list can tell a story about someone’s day and life, no matter how fleeting the moment.  In the process of creating the collection I inspected the different types of lists and categories I could group them.  I curated every page as a journey of words, colours, textures and stories.  I utilizing both back and front of the lists while also acknowledging and communicating the unusual and humorous side of the whole project process.