Curriculum Vitae


born in Melbourne, Australia

living and working in Canberra, Australia


Merryn Lloyd works with beeswax and pigments to create paintings through a process of accretion, building up, mixing, reworking and scratching back into the textural surfaces of her works. Melting and mixing are the main concerns of her studio practice, with her resulting paintings acting as a record-keeping tool. Often it is her failed paintings that end up being her greatest successes. Her inspiration is drawn from the landscape, and her paintings are frequently titled with idioms and phrases that have visceral and sensory associations. The considered groupings of her small works invite further readings, where paintings act as counterpoints to each other, providing juxtapositions of composition, texture, and colour.

Lloyd is a co-founder of Moon-Unit, an independent artist collective, was awarded an Australians Studying Abroad scholarship for travel to Prato in Italy (2007) and has a Bachelor of Visual Art (Painting), from Monash University (2008). Her work is held in private collections in Australia and New Zealand.



2008  Bachelor of Visual Art (Painting), Monash University

2007  Semester Abroad, Prato, Italy with Australians Studying Abroad and Monash University


Solo exhibitions

2017 Hot Mess Paintings, Daine Singer, Melbourne

2017 Invisible Labour, Tributary Projects, Canberra

2016 Dusty Plain, Paulnache, Gisborne, New Zealand

2015 Chalk and Cheese, Town Hall Gallery, Hawthorn, Melbourne

2014 Oil on a Spoon, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne

2014 Material, edition 5, edited by John Nixon and Danny Lacy

2011 Slide, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne

2010 Sample Window, curated by Patrice Sharkey, Platform Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne

2008 The Beginning of Something New, Count Six Student Gallery, Monash University, Melbourne


Group exhibitions

2018  Winter Blues, Daine Singer, Melbourne

2018  Heavy, Chamber Presents, Melbourne

2017  In Common, collaboration with Kirsten Perry, Guild of Objects, Melbourne

2017  What's Happening Here? Town Hall Gallery, Hawthorn, Melbourne

2016  Caves Fundraiser, Caves, Melbourne

2016  The Veranda Archibald, curated by Clementine Edwards and Esther Stewart, Melbourne

2016  Painting Matter, Daine Singer, Melbourne

2016  Caves off site, curated by Storm Gold and Kez Hughes, Switchback Gallery, Gippsland, Melbourne

2016  West Space Annual Fundraiser, West Space, Melbourne

2015  Utopian Slumps, Three Thousand Apartment, Melbourne

2015  West Space Annual Fundraiser, West Space, Melbourne

2015  TBC Fundraiser, TCB Inc., Melbourne

2015  Cave Painting, Caves, Melbourne

2015  Faux Fair, curated by Kim Brockett, c3, Melbourne

2014  Fin, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne

2014  A Necessary Evil, curated by Dioni Salas, Kings ARI, Melbourne

2014  Movements, curated by Justin Hinder and Eleanor Butt, c3, Melbourne

2014  West Space Annual Fundraiser, West Space, Melbourne

2014  Pavilion, curated by David Homewood, TCB, Melbourne

2014  Das Boot Fair, curated by Esther Stewart & Oscar Perry, 2014 Next Wave Festival, Melbourne

2013  Method and Gesture, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne

2013  Soft Eyes, curated by Pip Wallis, TCB, Melbourne

2013  painting/sculpture/floor work/wall work, Stockroom, Kyneton, Victoria

2012  Poetic Forms, Access Gallery, Bundoora Homstead Art Centre, Melbourne

2012  Seventh Super Sell Out Show, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne

2012  Platform Fundraising Exhibition, Platform Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne

2012  Model Home by Madeline Kidd, un Magazine, issue 6.1, edited by Lisa Radford and Liang Luscombe

2011  Merryn then Renee, Platform Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne

2010  Abstract Now, curated by Danny Lacy, Shepparton Art Gallery, Victoria

2010  Falls Creek Artists Camp, curated by David H Thomas, Falls Creek, Victoria

2010  Whole Pieces, curated by Pip Wallis, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne

2010  Merryn Lloyd / Renee Cosgrave, The Narrows, Melbourne

2009  Fundraiser, The Narrows, Melbourne

2008  Monash University Graduate Exhibition, Monash University, Melbourne

2008  Using Pink Sporadically, Runt Gallery, Monash University, Melbourne

2008  Is it the beginning or the end? 3rd Year Painting Students Draw, curated by Marriane Coutts, Runt Gallery, Monash University, Melbourne

2007  Repeat (Repeat), curated by Kent Wilson, Runt Gallery, Monash University, Melbourne


Collaborations with Renee Cosgrave

2016  The Hunch, curated by Boe-Lin Bastin, Incinerator Art Gallery, Melbourne

2014 Window Painting 2, Cecelia Fox, Melbourne

2013 Window Painting, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne

2008 Print Workshop, curated by Warren Taylor, The Narrows, Melbourne

2008 Kuwaii pop-up, Penthouse Mouse, Melbourne Fashion Week, Melbourne

2007 The Narrows Window, the Narrows, Melbourne

2007 Guadare Impare (To look, to learn), Monash University, Prato, Italy

2007  Open Day at Monash University, with Dom Sowersby and Sam Martin, Monash University, Melbourne

2007 Good Ambiguity vs. Bad Ambiguity, Runt Space, Monash University, Melbourne


Curated projects

2016 Art Exhibition/House Warming, Narrabundah, Canberra

2014 Nine Painting Presentation, part 5 of Incidents Above a Bar, the Alderman, Melbourne



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Private collections in Australia and New Zealand